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Artículo 12 pieces of real-life footage that are absolutely chilling Articles


12 pieces of real-life footage that are absolutely chilling



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08 Marzo 2017 16:38

Reddit user asks others to share their most chilling pieces of found footage. Here are some of the most horrifying:


'The video diaries of Ricardo Lopez. He was obsessed with Björk, and over the course of 9 months made several videos detailing how he was going to kill her with a letter bomb, among other things. At the end of the video he kills himself. The link I posted is an edited version, but I think you can find all the tapes on the internet.'


'I always found this one creepy. Couple is on their honeymoon and playing around in waist-high water at the edge of a lake. Suddenly the ground gives way and they are struggling to stay above the water until finally you don't see them anymore and the water goes calm.'


'Any black box recording where a plane is crashing and the pilots slowly realise they are going to die with all the passengers on board. It's very chilling.'


'I remember there was this sort of "secret track" on a Rammstein album. When you played the CD, the first song actually started several seconds in and you had to press "back" as soon as it starts. That would take you to 0:00 where you heard the sound of the black box of a Japanese plane crashing into mountains. It was really creepy just hearing them get louder and louder and yelling and all of a sudden... nothing.'


'The video diaries of the killers of Cassie Stoddart. Cassie was murdered by two of her friends when she was alone, house sitting for family. The killers wanted to be prolific murderers and chose Cassie only because they knew she'd be alone. One killer led the police to where they buried all the evidence, never mentioning the tape. The murder is not filmed, but the moments leading up to and immediately after the murder are taped.'


'The audio recording of the Jonestown Massacre is absolutely chilling. Hearing 900 confused people talking, including all the children, while they don't know they're involuntarily committing suicide and it just gets quieter and quieter... fuck that.'


'Stephen McDaniel's peeping tom video before he strangled and dismembered Lauren Giddings.'


'I was listening to the 9/11 episode of Last Podcast on the Left, and they played a bunch of really heart-wrenching audio clips, but by far the creepiest was just a bunch of high pitched siren/alarm-like noises. It was explained that all firefighters wear these alarms that go off if said firefighter is motionless for like 30 seconds or more, aka they are dead/unconscious. So yeah, it was basically listening to dozens of dead firefighters. It is super haunting to listen to and still sticks with me.'


'The footage of the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs is pretty horrifying. They recorded themselves torturing a man (one of several on their spree) to death with hammers and a screwdriver. It takes a very long time. And because it happened in 2007, the same year as "2 Girls 1 Cup", it has the charming nickname of "3 Guys 1 Hammer".'


'The man they found alive in a sunken tugboat 3 days after it capsized. Being the scuba diver investigating a 3-day-old wreck when a hand reaches out grabs you has got to be pretty terrifying too. Not nearly as terrifying as being stuck in the damn wreck for 3 days, but still. That's how horror movies start.'


'For me, the Betty Ong phone call from Flight 11 on 9/11 is just fucking chilling.'


'The most recent I can think of is this. It's a voice recording isolated from the phone of murder victim Liberty German in Delphi, Indiana. The police are still searching for the man who killed her and her friend while they were hiking a trail. They haven't released a lot of verified information yet, but there are rumors that the girls were found naked, sexually assaulted, and had their throats cut. I also read a rumor that one of the girls attempted to crawl away after their bodies had been disposed of. It's been a nightmare for the residents of a small rural town and that recording, of what is assumed to be the killer telling the girls to go down the hill where he killed them, is chilling.'

(Via Reddit)