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Artículo 18 things that women don’t understand about men, according to men Articles


18 things that women don’t understand about men, according to men



david perez

29 Noviembre 2016 23:11

Although the boundaries between the genders are growing ever more diffuse, there are still plenty of situations when males feel misunderstood. Men on Reddit have made a list of things that they feel ladies just don’t understand. Here are a few of the best:


"We don’t have absolute control over our penises. Erections aren’t always sexual. There’s morning boner, hype boner, funeral boner, videogame boner…  Also, fake boners caused by folds in your pants. Stop thinking badly of us."


"What it takes not to orgasm first. For example, singing a Christmas carol in your head."


"I’m not scratching my balls. I’m just readjusting."


"Unlike you, we generally don’t have anyone to vent with."


"Sometimes we just want to stay home and play videogames. There’s nothing wrong. I’m not embarrassed to go out with you and I don’t hate your friends."


“Dropping hints is not effective. It doesn't matter how obvious you think the hint was, most of us probably aren't going to get it. And even if we do get the hint, many of us won't act on it. They happen so rarely to most guys that we either won't know what to do when a hint is dropped, or we won't recognize one when we see it."

“What's the solution? No passive-aggressive behaviours. Talk. Communicate. Don't expect your guy to pick up on your hints, and don't get mad at him for not noticing your super-subtle hints. He was probably thinking about dinosaurs.”


“We tend to take things literally. If we ask how you are, and you say ‘fine’, then we'll say ‘good’, and move on with what we were doing.

If we ask permission to do something, and you say ‘sure’, then we'll go ahead and do that thing because you said that it was okay. Some people are more empathic than others, but we'll often take the message over whatever innuendo you're making with your attitude. It's like a legal document. You said yes? Good enough for us.”


"That even a playful tap of the nuts can induce debilitating pain. Play gently."


"Sometimes we like to be the little spoon."



"When I’m insulting my friends, I don’t actually mean it, and they know that I don’t mean it."


"Our confidence often depends on how attractive we feel. If you’re dating a guy you can pretty much be sure that you’re the only source of this affirmation. No matter how tough or manly they seem, every guy likes to be told he’s good looking or sexy once in a while."


"When you dress in PJs with messy hair it looks so fucking good."



"Some of us don’t need sex for pleasure, but for psychological validation."


“If we say something that can be taken one of two ways, and one of the ways is hurtful to you, we meant the other way 100% of the time. When we want to insult someone, we’ll make it very clear we’re insulting them.”


"Unlike women, men don’t get 90% mutual matches on Tinder."


“Do not be afraid of being straightforward with us. For most men, straightforward rejection is better than ghosting us or playing with words in a way that leaves us wondering about your intentions. Not responding to a guy because you don't want to hurt his feelings hurts his feelings way more.”


"This one’s for the mothers: you can’t pause an online game."


"When we go to the bathroom to shit, we enjoy our quiet time shitting for however long it takes."