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Artículo A new theory asserts that WALL-E is the devil incarnate Articles


A new theory asserts that WALL-E is the devil incarnate



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28 Abril 2017 16:04

What if WALL-E wasn't the messiah we all thought he was?

WALL-E is one of the most highly eulogised animated films of all time. This original and poignant dystopian sci-fi story won Pixar an Oscar in 2009.

Much has already been said about the film's hidden meanings and metaphors. One thing that most people seem to agree on is that WALL-E is some kind of messianic figure because of the way he sacrifices himself to save mankind, and then returns from the dead.

But another – rather more sinister, but surprisingly convincing – theory has appeared on Reddit suggesting that WALL-E is quite the opposite. Rather than a Jesus-type messiah, WALL-E is, in fact, Satan. A user named Vexelius posits that the story of WALL-E shares a number of similarities with that of the Devil as told in the Bible's Book of Genesis.

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Vexelius opens his argument by drawing our attention to how mankind is portrayed in the film. 'Let's take a look at mankind in WALL-E's universe,' he writes. 'At first sight (and judging it by our standards), they are not happy. However, almost all the issues that have plagued mankind doesn't exist anymore. There's no war, illness, hunger, hatred, or discrimination. Religion and politics are non-existent, too. People live long, healthy lives where they have everything they need at their disposal.

'Generations have passed since they left Earth (which turned into a barren wasteland) and, aside from the Captain of the ship, no human knows that it even exists. Why would they look forward to returning into a place where they had to fight for survival when they have lived their whole life being served by robots, in a comfortable (even boring) existence?'

Vexelius goes on to conclude that the starliner they all live on is Paradise.

But then WALL-E appears on the scene: a robot who lives on Earth, gathering up the waste left by mankind. WALL-E returns life to the planet by nurturing a seedling. He gives the seedling (and this is where the argument starts to sound convincing) to EVE. The seedling acts like the forbidden fruit in Genesis – it brings knowledge – convincing the captain to return to Earth.

Vexelius goes on to describe the Captain's reaction to being presented with the seedling by EVE: 'Prior to interacting with it, he went along by performing his required duties and ensuring mankind's survival in a Paradise-like environment. However, after knowing of the existence of this seedling, he started doing research on Earth, which then turned into a deep desire to return to it. He lost his innocence by gaining a new understanding of the world – just like Adam and Eve realized that they were naked after eating the forbidden fruit.

'Do you see the parallelism here? We have an entity (Wall-E/Satan) who gives an object (Seedling/Apple) to a (robot/woman) named Eve, which starts a chain of events that led to mankind losing a Paradise and getting stranded in Earth.

'By the end of the movie, we see that mankind has settled back on Earth, and have returned to activities such as agriculture and fishing. Something that brings a resemblance to Genesis 3:19 - By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.

'Mankind doesn't have a carefree existence anymore. Now they have to work in order to eat, and it shouldn't take too long before disparities will start to appear: Some will be able to have more possessions than others, which will spark the flames of hatred against humans... And then, the cycle will start anew.

'It wouldn't be surprising,' Vexelius concludes, 'if, generations later, the people in Wall-E's universe starts telling tales of a time when they lived in a place of eternal bliss, until a tempter gave a woman named Eve a plant, which led to mankind's downfall.'

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