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Artículo An Instagram account that reveals the hidden beauty of 'The Simpsons' Articles


An Instagram account that reveals the hidden beauty of 'The Simpsons'



Playground Traduccion

28 Abril 2017 15:55

Surprisingly lovely scenes, sets and visual details that you probably never noticed

You might think you've seen everything The Simpsons has to offer, but this Instagram account is here to prove there's life in the old show yet. Because while we were all distracted by the twists and turns of the plotlines – and giggling at the jokes – we've been missing some lovely landscapes and scenes which also contribute to the show's incomparable success and originality. 

The Scenic Simpsons has already notched up 216 posts 'dedicated to showcasing the most beautiful scenes, colours, sets and abstract compositions from The Simpsons. Seasons 1 - 10.'

Many of the lovingly-chosen shots are of landscapes, interiors, and architectural and decorative details. Highlights include a turntable, rubbish from Krusty Burger strewn across grass, Mr Burns' chair, and Homer and Marge's unbound passion glimpsed through curtains. None of the images use Instagram filters.

The feed also gives fans the pleasure of putting their Simpsons knowledge to the test by trying to guess which episode each of the frames comes from.

We can only end by saying: excellent!