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Compressed into a vertigo-inducing four seconds: the impact of pregnancy on a woman's body



Playground Traduccion

10 Marzo 2017 16:37

A GIF that recreates the amazing changes that take place in a mother's body.

Week by week, the belly of a pregnant woman slowly inflates like a balloon. That's the part we can see: the stomach expanding to accommodate the ever-growing baby inside. But there are many changes that happen beneath the skin over the course of those nine months that we can't see with our naked eye.

In this viral GIF, taken from an interactive tool in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, we can see how the mother's internal organs shift to make room for the baby. The animation compresses 40 weeks of pregnancy into a vertigo-inducing four seconds.

The change is so dramatic it's almost miraculous. By the second trimester – when the belly starts to stick out and friends and family members can't resist touching it –  the liver and stomach are squashed up into the top corner. The bladder, meanwhile, gets pushed downwards, explaining why pregnant women need to go to the bathroom more often.

Operation 'Make Room for Baby' is fascinating and magical to watch, though it may leave some of us feeling a little queasy.