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Artículo Horrific tale of 20-year-old British model kidnapped and auctioned as a sex slave on the dark web Articles


Horrific tale of 20-year-old British model kidnapped and auctioned as a sex slave on the dark web



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09 Agosto 2017 13:31

Chloe Ayling was kidnapped and held prisoner for 6 days in an Italian farmhouse

Chloe Ayling, 20, woke up inside a bag with her wrists and ankles handcuffed and her mouth taped shut. The British model has been through hell after being kidnapped by a man in Milan, Italy.

Thankfully, the story did not end in tragedy: the model was freed by her captor after six days. Mail Online has detailed Ayling's experiences during her captivity and release.

Ayling arrived in Milan on July 10 after being contacted by Lukasz Herba, a 30-year-old Pole residing in the UK. Herba had promised Ayling a professional photoshoot, arranging to meet her in Milan Central Station.

Describing her ordeal, Ayling said in a police statement: 'A person wearing black gloves came from behind and put one hand on my neck and one on my mouth to stop me from screaming. A second person wearing a black balaclava gave me an injection in my right forearm. I think I lost consciousness. When I woke up I was wearing a pink bodysuit and the socks I am wearing now. I realised I was in the boot of a car with my wrists and ankles handcuffed, adhesive tape on my mouth.'

According to the Mail Online, her suspected kidnappers – part of an organisation called Black Death – tried to auction Ayling's sexual services on the dark web for about €300,000. They didn't go through with the auction however.

Instead, they freed her after six days when they learned that the model is the mother of a two-year-old child. The criminal organisation claims never to sell 'girls who are pregnant or young mothers'.

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The kidnappers informed authorities of the woman's whereabouts, and the police found Ayling inside a bag near the British consulate in Milan.

Black Death sent a letter to the victim, explaining the motives and conditions behind her release.

'A mistake was made by capturing you, especially considering you are a young mother that should have in no circumstances be lured into kidnapping. Second important factor (sic) you are very well aware of is your overall protection by one of our main and very well respected men who made a very clear and solid stance in your case.'

However, the letter also made it clear that the model had to agree to 'cease any investigation activities related to your kidnapping and to pay 'outstanding costs of your release of $50,000... within one month.'

The letter ends with the ominous words: 'Any sort of disobedience with the above will result in your elimination.'

Milan police have arrested one Polish man, identified as Lukasz Pawel Herba. They are still searching for his accomplices. Authorities are also attempting to find out if there are more cases like Ayling's.

Chloe Ayling is now safely at home in south London, recovering from her ordeal. 'I’ve been through a terrifying experience,' the victim told reporters on the doorstep of her house on Sunday. 'I’ve feared for my life, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour.'

(via Daily Mail)

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