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Artículo Incredible vintage mugshots of bad girls Articles


Incredible vintage mugshots of bad girls



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28 Febrero 2017 09:54

Murderers, thieves, prostitutes... these photos prove that getting into trouble with the law is no obstacle to looking stylish as hell.

Mugshots always hold a special appeal. Whether they're of actors, rock stars or just your regular Jane or John Doe, they draw our gaze like few other types of portraiture can. We stare at the image in the hope that some small detail will magically push the play button and start projecting the whole story that led up to the subject's unfortunate predicament.

But what, for the majority of us, is just morbid curiosity, has become an obsession for New York-based art director Mark Michaelson. Over the years he has collected more than 10,000 photographs of men and women of all ages and races.

Here's a selection of mugshots of shady ladies from the 1930s to 1960s who, despite the infelicitous circumstances in which they find themselves, manage to exude more class than the average contemporary bride on her wedding day.

Have you noticed that their hair and makeup is all pristine? I can just imagine the scene before the photo was taken: 'Hey, just give me a minute to touch up, will you?' Crime is no obstacle to looking good, clearly.

Now, if only we could find that magic button, press play, and sit back with some popcorn to watch these women's amazing stories.