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Artículo 'That's it. We've killed Drew Barrymore.' Articles


'That's it. We've killed Drew Barrymore.'



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21 Febrero 2017 15:19

The girl from E.T. is all grown up and hungry for human flesh.

Few viewers can handle the most disgusting vomiting scene in the history of television.

Santa Clarita is your typical affluent Californian city. The gardens smell of freshly-mown grass, the streets are spotless and safe, the suburban houses all look the same, and the neighbours all smile at each other with perfect white teeth.

It's the ideal community. So ideal that it's actually kind of horrifying. 

And it's also where Sheila (Drew Barrymore) lives with her good-natured husband and sarcastic teenage daughter. They're a typical American family living the American dream. But the dream quickly turns into a nightmare when Sheila (Drew Barrymore) joins the ranks of the undead after undergoing the grossest vomiting scene in the history of TV.

The scene starts in the bedroom of a house for sale, before the horrified eyes of potential buyers, and ends in a toilet covered in a toxic green mass of sick. When the Biblical deluge finally comes to an end, Sheila feels relieved: everything is back to normal... except for one small detail: her life as an ordinary human is over. She is now the living dead.

Sheila: asexual wife, perfect mother and excellent real estate agent is gone. Now she's horny, vicious and hungry for human flesh. This black comedy pushes gore to the most absurdist limits so that the viewer doesn't know whether to laugh, cry, applaud or laugh again.

Ironically, Drew Barrymore, in her role as the living dead, almost did die on set, according to her interview with US Weekly. 'In one episode, she jumps on a man's back to kill him – but while rehearsing the scene, she fell off and smacked her skull on concrete,' recalls creator Victor Fresco. 'I thought, That's it. We've killed Drew Barrymore.'

We don't know what George A. Romero, director of some of the greatest living dead movies, would make of this series created by Victor Fresco. What is clear is that it's one of the most shocking TV shows to emerge so far this year. It would be misleading to compare it to The Walking Dead or other zombie productions. It might be more productive to compare it to the horror film Let Me In, in which a father helps his daughter obtain human blood.

It's not easy to draw a belly laugh from viewers while the protagonist bites chunks out of a human arm as if it were a pork chop. But Santa Clarita Diet pulls it off with panache. 

The girl from E.T. is all grown up and hungry for human flesh. He husband, Joel, helps her find it. He's one of the show's best characters. His unconditional love for his wife means he's the perfect accomplice for her cannibalistic exploits. Normalising a marriage in which the wife turns into a nymphomaniac with a craving for human can't be easy, but then again... better she eat the rest of the world than her husband, right?

Santa Clarita Diet is for binge-watching until you've devoured all ten episodes of the first season and savoured the sight of Drew Barrymore polishing off a bastard who had it coming. The series has all the potential to become a cult hit because it pulls off the unlikely feat of making cannibalism seem almost... fun. 

Now we just need to keep our fingers crossed that those in charge commission a second series brimming with more blood and human flesh for our delectation. Bon appétit!

It has the potential to become a cult series because it manages to make cannibalism seem almost fun.