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Artículo The daughter of the members of Die Antwoord and Jack Black star in this disturbing short film Articles


The daughter of the members of Die Antwoord and Jack Black star in this disturbing short film



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26 Junio 2017 13:53

'Tommy can't sleep' is directed by ¥o-landi Vi$$er from Die Antwoord and stars his daughter, Sixteen Jones

YouTube: Die Antwoord

Let’s be honest: the best thing about Die Antwoord are their music videos. The universal visuals of Ninja and ¥o-landi Vi$$er are so exaggerated and kitsch that, if you watch Baby's On Fire or Banana Brain, you might not be able to hum them afterwards, but you’ll certainly end up with dilated pupils.

The unique aesthetics of the African band, have now been channelled into a five-minute short film called Tommy Can't Sleep. Directed by ¥o-landi Vi$$er, the piece stars the duo’s daughter, Sixteen Jones, and actor Jack Black. Behind the scenes is Roger Ballen, a former Die Antwoord collaborator, and artistic director for this project.

Tommy Can't Sleep tells the story of, Tommy (who else?), an androgynous girl who can’t sleep because of the rats in her bedroom. When she ventures into the hole the animals have gnawed in her bedroom wall, she finds a nightmarish world, along with her future self - a Jack Black with rat-like features.

Although Tommy Can't Sleep is not the first short film created by Die Antwoord - there’s also the noteworthy Umshini Wam, produced by Harmony Korine -, it is the first that has been directed by one its members, ¥o-landi Vi$$er. Ninja, the duo’s other half, is credited as Vi$$er’s ‘personal assistant’.

The short owes its spirit to filmmakers like David Lynch or John Waters - from the former comes the stifling black and white Eraserhead; and from the latter, the histrionic performances. Thanks to its touches of humour, such as the scene in which Tommy haggles over the price for entering the hole with an anthropomorphic rat, Tommy Can't Sleep could equally be likened to a sketch of Tim & Eric or Key & Peele.

Die Antwoord have released the short film just a month after announcing their next album The Book of Zef, which they say will be their final work together.