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Artículo This is how much sex we’re having, according to our age Articles


This is how much sex we’re having, according to our age



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25 Agosto 2017 07:54

Humans are not having much sex. A lot less than you might think

By: C.M.

The idea that quantity does not equal quality is something all too often bandied about by regular bedfellows.

Sex is not mathematics, but it is often talked about in terms of numbers. How old were you when you lost your virginity? At what age did you start losing your sexual appetite? How many people have you had sex with throughout your life? And how many times do you do it in a normal week?

Let’s take a moment to look at the last question from that list: the number of times per week. Depending on our age, should we have an amount in mind? Clearly, there is no golden ratio for sex, each of us has our own perfect number. But what has been determined by scientists at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction (in Rosario, Argentina) is the average.

Logically, you would think that a person’s age does determine, to some extent, how often they have sex. After all, the opportunities will be considerably more limited once you have a family to look after, if you have an increasing number of health issues and, as a consequence of both of these, your energy levels are flagging.

The Argentine scientists have indeed proved that this is sound reasoning, concluding that people aged between 19 and 29 have around 112 sexual encounters each year, which works out at more than twice a week. Those who fall into the age bracket of 29 to 39, however, have sex, on average, 86 times in a year, or 1.6 times a week. For their part, 39 to 49 year olds were found to have sex an average 69 times a year, equal to just half of the first group.

If we were to compile this data into a table, it would look like this:

From 19 to 29 years old: 112 times a year. 2.4 times per week.

From 29 to 39 years old: 86 times a year. 1.6 per week.

From 39 to 49 years old: 69 times a year. 1.3 per week.

As for how marriage can affect how much sex you get, the researchers at the Kinsey Institute found that 34% of married couples have sex between two and three times a week, which also helps to explain why committed, hardworking couples who have frequent sex are often happier than your average teetotaller.