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Artículo This model is 60 and feels sexier than most 20 year olds Articles


This model is 60 and feels sexier than most 20 year olds



david perez

23 Noviembre 2016 23:05

She's 60 years old, has two grandchildren and recently starred in a swimsuit campaign for a New York brand.

Her name is Yazemeenah Rossi and she represents everything that our youth-obsessed culture tries to deny about ageing.

Confident and incredibly sexy, Yazemeenah has absolutely no reason to envy a twenty-something year old.

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Una foto publicada por Yazemeenah Rossi (@yazemeenah) el

All this, of course, without ever going under the knife. She doesn't even dye her hair in order to achieve her striking look. She says her secret lies in a balanced diet, yoga, and an abundant sex life, all rounded off with the odd glass of whiskey.

This amounts to a life full of passion and fascinating stories.

Born in Corsica in 1955, Rossi was raised by her grandparents, who were in a slightly better financial position than her parents.  And although they managed a restaurant on the beach, they didn't have lights or running water. They bathed in the river, grew their own food and her grandmother carried jugs of water on her head.

They gave her her first camera when she was 11 and, although they didn't have money to buy film, Yazemeenah snapped away regardless.

Photography helped to distract her from a torturous relationship with her parents. A relationship that worsened when she fell pregnant at 16She hid the pregnancy for 5 months for fear that her father would force her into an abortion.

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Una foto publicada por Yazemeenah Rossi (@yazemeenah) el

She married the father of her child and they moved to Paris.  She had already given birth to her second child by the age of 20.  There were times she thought she regretted having had children. She wasn't happy, she felt trapped. So, at 28, she divorced her husband and went in search of her own happiness.

So, as if destiny were rewarding her for having made the right decision, she ended up walking in Paris Fashion Week as a last-minute stand-in. Her sister was working in a fashion boutique at the time and one of her clients needed a model at short notice.

She then spent 10 years working as fittings model for YSL and  Hermès, which basically involved spending her day in heels while they created garments around her body. This is how she raised her children.

But her modelling career didn't fully take off until 1999, when she moved to New York. By then, her hair had completely greyed, but she was headlining campaigns for Bloomingdale's and Barneys. In fact, she says she turned down chances to earn much more money because she refused do dye it.

Only 10 years ago, Rossi never dreamed she'd feel so accomplished, but, suddenly, one day, her Instagram account exploded, taking her from 1,000 followers to 12,000 (she now has over 27,000).

Her colleagues sent her messages congratulating her for being brave enough to pose in a swimsuit, but she doesn't see anything brave about it.  She's merely showing us who she is.

Rossi has achieved all that she has by not listening to the opinion of others. From big fashion brands who said she was too old to be sexy, to the agent who warned her she would never feature in a TV ad (she has now starred in 4).

But there are still fashion houses who refuse to hire her solely because of her age.

For some, Rossi is MILF, for others she's a “cougar”, but the truth is that she is only one thing: a powerful woman, in complete possession of a freedom that we are never taught to go in search of.