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Artículo This vagina explains very simply what consent means Articles


This vagina explains very simply what consent means



david perez

24 Noviembre 2016 23:21

If it’s not yes, it’s no. This simple phrase was the slogan of a video campaign from Project Consent – an initiative founded in 2014 to fight against rape culture.

In early 2016, Project Consent launched three videos explaining concisely the meaning of consent: the first step in the fight against rape culture.

The cast of actors was made up of cute vaginas, penises, breasts and even a gropey hand. The characters interacted in commonplace situations such as dancing, whistling and laughing.

The idea behind the videos was simple. Irrespective of the situation in which the characters find themselves, if it’s not yes, it’s no. Context doesn’t change the message.

The production company behind the videos, Juniper Park/TBWA, said that their goal in making the videos was to help people get a better understanding of what consent means.

These are the three campaign videos:

If it’s not YES, it’s NO