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Artículo Work sent him home for wearing short trousers, so he went back in a dress Articles


Work sent him home for wearing short trousers, so he went back in a dress



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26 Junio 2017 14:13

Even with temperatures over 30ºC, Joey Barge still wasn’t allowed to wear short trousers to the office… so he looked to his female colleagues for fashion advice

Some companies have some pretty silly rules when it comes to dress code. For reasons that are way beyond our comprehension, there are companies that, when the heat starts to rise, are perfectly happy for the ladies to go to work in skirts and dresses, while the men have to be ‘men’ and keep on wearing trousers right down to their ankles, #fucklogic.

This was the case for Joey Barge, who, after turning up to work in short trousers on a day when temperatures were over 30°C, was sent home for dressing ‘inappropriately’.

Riled by such an absurd situation and armed with a substantially more volatile temper than normal thanks to the soaring temperatures, Joey decided to follow the rules and change into clothes more in line with the company dress code. Although his attire wasn’t quite what his superiors had in mind.

Needless to say, people were quick to praise Joey’s attitude.

In fact, if we’re really talking about equality, men should also be allowed to wear skirts and dresses.

Barge’s protest was enough to bring some kind of improvement at his work: from now on employees are allowed to work with ¾-length trousers, which, aside from being extremely ugly, won’t be offering much relief from the heat. Better than a slap in the chops, I suppose.

But there are other cases like Joey’s.

The revolution led by men tired of sweltering in the office thanks to ludicrous dress codes has begun to take hold in Europe. Bus drivers in the French city of Nantes, protested against regulations allowing women drivers to wear skirts but forbidding men to wear shorts. Like Joey, they too turned up for work wearing skirts.

‘Our uniforms are not suitable for these high temperatures. We envy the women at times like these,’ one of the company drivers, Didier Sauvetre, told local media.

And the complaints are not just coming in from adults. Around 30 students from the ISCA academy, in Exeter, who were told they couldn’t modify their school uniform with short trousers, arrived at school one day wearing knee-length pleated skirts. According to the head of studies, Aimee Mitchell, shorts are not part of school uniform, but she added that with ‘hotter weather becoming more normal, I would be happy to consider a change for the future.’

Luckily, since at Playground we always seem to be running all over the place half-naked, these issues have never been a problem.

‘I can just imagine the Playground offices, everyone half-naked, with vagina-shaped sofas, penis-shaped telephones, brazzers 24 hours a day’