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Artículo You hate it but you love it… Why can’t you stop biting your nails? Articles


You hate it but you love it… Why can’t you stop biting your nails?



david perez

16 Noviembre 2016 14:40

Between 20% and 30% of the population bite their nails. This figure rises to 45% among adolescents.

Although the habit has always been associated with nervousness and anxiety, studies show that it’s not just people who get stressed out or fidgety who form part of this club.

Why do people bite their nails?

Like smokers, nail-biters always have good reasons for giving in to temptation: boredom, frustration, hunger, a tricky task to complete… and most shamefully of all…

1. Biting your nails feels good

When we bite our nails a pleasurable rush of endorphins is triggered.

2. Genetic predisposition

One third of those who bite their nails have family members who do it too. Identical twins tend to share the vice.

3. We start young

Children’s impulsiveness makes it difficult for them to resist biting their nails. Over time, this fixation becomes so interiorized that it’s hard to quit.

Quitting isn’t easy, but here are a few facts which might help you keep your fingers a safe distance from your mouth in the future:

4. You’re ruining your teeth

And your jaw. It’s been estimated that nail biting can cost a person more than 4,000 euros in dentist bills over the course of a lifetime.

5. There’s a lot of crap under your nails

When you bite your nails, you’re increasing your chances of ending up sick or coming down with diarrhoea.

6. The bacteria in your mouth can get you into trouble too

Your mouth contains a lot of bacteria that can end up causing infections in your nails and fingers.

So, next time you’re tempted to nibble at a hangnail, just think about the bacteria party that you’ll be throwing for two of the filthiest parts of your body.