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Artículo Watch all-white Utah Republicans rap Fresh Prince-style about how a bill becomes law Culture



'You thought it was law, but it's just not quite there'

Anna Freeman

02 Marzo 2018 12:48

Feast your eyes on this because it might just be the best/worst thing you’ll see all day, or month... or year.

A cast of all-white Republican lawmakers in Utah, US, tried to channel the genius of Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel Air to deliver a ‘fun’ lecture on how a bill gets passed into law, but all they managed to achieve was royally embarrassing themselves.

‘Share so all your friends can know how laws are made!’ they optimistically tweeted. And to be honest, what lay before Twitter users’ eyes is really quite incomprehensible - not just for its tone-deaf appropriation of black culture by an incredibly white ensemble of ‘rappers’, but because it is actually real.

Prepare yourself for a wild 1.16 minute. Sideways caps, wagging tongues, urban street posing packed into a delectable nightmarescape of the people at the helm of US law and politics.