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Artículo The illustrator who turns everday embarrassments into funny comic strips Culture


The illustrator who turns everday embarrassments into funny comic strips



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24 Agosto 2017 07:55

You can check out Becky Barnicoat's funny comics @beckybarnicomics

Becky Barnicoat's alarm clock rings at 6 AM every morning. She gets up and goes straight to the desk where she spends the next three hours drawing everything that happens to her each day: the commonplace frustrations, unpleasant surprises, ridiculous situations and idiosyncrasies that make our lives so absurd.

Barnicoat is a journalist and illustrator. She doesn't know why she draws these comics, she just feels an overwhelming urge to commemorate our everyday eccentricities. She has worked for The Guardian, New Statesman, The Stool Pigeon and Five Dials, and now writes and illustrates for BuzzFeed.

Her comic strips depict the sudden sweats you get just before a date, the selfie you take by accident that almost makes you drop your phone in horror: the embarrassing moments of our day-to-day lives. Barnicoat's comic strips observe us in the exaggerated way we tend to see ourselves when we think no one else is looking. Monsters made of our own hair emerging from the plughole; the Siberian bleakness of waiting all night for a text that never arrives; or the insurmountable obstacle to communication we experience as soon as we sit in the hairdresser's chair.