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Artículo 10 useless inventions that made a fortune for their inventors Culture


10 useless inventions that made a fortune for their inventors



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01 Septiembre 2017 12:38

There's always some genius who invents it and a million idiots who buy it


'Remember Power Balance? Those bracelets that supposedly improved your balance? We sold them at a sports store for 30 bucks. It's embarrassing to think about it now.'


'Hand written messages on potatoes. He set up a website so all you have to do is send him your message and he will write it on a potato and ship it out to whoever your heart desires. I got one of these a while back which said: "Did you fall from heaven because it looks like you fell on your face." Hurt a little.'


'The guy who invented the 'How May People Paid a Dollar to See How Many People Paid a Dollar' website. It's not a joke. There's a version for $5, $20 and $100.'


'Oxygenated water. That is, bottled water that has extra dissolved oxygen in it, for athletic-type things. Because we breathe oxygen, and more oxygen must be good for you right? Except two things: 1: You don't have lungs in your stomach. 2: The "Oxygenated Water" is just regular old water.'


'My cousin worked for Zynga (video game developer) a while back. Apparently on a whim one day they decided to make a purple cow and sell it on Farmville for .99 cents just for the day. Within the first 45 minutes it had made over 1.5 million dollars.'


'Those huge fake eyelashes for your car that go over the headlights.'


'Those decorative things you can put in the holes of crocs.'


'The creator of the I Am Rich app made thousands of dollars from selling his useless app in the Apple Store. The only thing the $1,000 app did was display a red ruby that glowed if you kept it pressed. Before Apple withdrew it, he had made a cool $8,000. '

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'Those strips you put on your feet that supposedly removed harmful toxins from the body.'


'Selling stars in space and giving a certificate like you own that specific piece of the universe.'

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