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Artículo 100 highly amusing things to do with a penis Culture


100 highly amusing things to do with a penis



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16 Junio 2017 14:29

What are our sex organs for if not to laugh at?

Skipping, enjoying an ice cream, munching on some lettuce, beating an egg, singing a song, holding a flag, keeping yourself from falling over on the Tube, delivering a sentence in a courtroom, kneading cookie dough, writing, knocking on a door, plugging a leak, giving love...

A penis has many uses. At least, that's what young French illustrator Marion Fayolle thinks. She's been giving her fans a good giggle for several years now. And one of her most successful books is a petite work of surreal and funny pornographic illustrations about a life of intimacy. Fayolle reimagines the sexual organs of both men and women as some very bizarre objects indeed. Everything here is as it appears, and everything appears as what it's not. It's a wild little book, and very funny.

Los Coquins (The Naughty Ones) has not yet been published in English, but that shouldn't stop English language readers from enjoying the gorgeously mischievous illustrations. This cheeky and talented young illustrator likes to push comedy to the boundaries of decency, and her playfully erotic everyday scenes are a delight to behold. They use disconcerting juxtapositions to jolt us out of our complacency and revindicate the joy, strangeness and wonder of sexual intimacy. After all, what are our sex organs for if not to laugh at? 

Fucking is as fun as laughing at yourself. Loving makes no sense without laughter.