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Artículo 15 things conservatives want liberals to know Culture


15 things conservatives want liberals to know



We all live in echo chambers. It's time to hear the other side out.

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20 Julio 2017 14:02

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to politics

The whole liberal-conservative divide seems to have deepened since polarising events such as Brexit and the US election of Donald Trump. But how different are we really? One of the defining features of the world’s recent political restructuring is just how wrong the media, pollsters and the 'liberal left' were about the hard-right, isolationist tsunami heading their way. People began recognising that we all live in ‘echo chambers’ where our values and opinions are reflected back at us in social media feeds, news publications, and the friendship circles we naturally fall into.

If you identify as ‘liberal’, the conservatism of, say, Donald Trump’s administration, is likely to make your blood boil. And yet there are those who voted Republican in November 2016’s election who would agree with you. ‘Conservative’ doesn’t have one mold that fits all, and the same is true for ‘liberal’. And since each group tends to stick to who and what they know, it’s difficult to reach any sort of understanding, or even respect, for one another.

And that’s when Reddit comes in. One politically-inclined user opened up a dialogue about the great schism between ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals’ by posing the question: ‘Conservatives of Reddit, what is something you’d like to fully explain to a liberal?’ Here are 15 things ‘liberals’ should know, according to ‘conservatives’:

1. ‘I think liberals and conservatives have more in common than they think, but we've been polarized by convenient labelling.’


2. ‘I don't pick who I vote for based on what I have in common, I look at the differences. And there are major policy differences and approaches to governance between the parties.’

3. ‘College shouldn’t be free. College is there for people who want to go the extra mile. If you put everyone in college, you just drag down college. If you make it free, people will go because it's free, not because of their ambitions.’


4. ‘At some point politics became a zero-sum game. If we don't get what we want, that means we've lost, and we can't lose. There's no more room for compromise or working together, because that means the other guy wins, and if they win, we lose.’

5. ‘You can be pro-choice but fiscally conservative and vice versa but most don't bother to evaluate each other on all levels.’

6. ‘Conservative people might want similar outcomes to liberal people. Conservative politicians unequivocally do not.’


7. ‘There is financial conservatism and social conservatism. Just because I don't believe our system of taxation is efficient or fair doesn't mean I have ancient beliefs about women's rights or gay marriage.’

8. ‘THE FREE MARKET IS NOT YOUR ENEMY. Big businessmen make their fortunes by making a product or service that YOU or other consumers purchase. These goods and services make YOUR lives and the lives of others better.’


9. ‘We are not against all immigration, just illegal immigration. I would love for America to expand and allow more cultures to join this beautiful country. As an american citizen i just don't want the illegals coming in.’

10. ‘Just because I voted for Trump doesn't mean I'm racist and sexist and hate anybody that isn't a white male.’


11. ‘Being on the right wing of politics doesn't make me an awful person, and doesn't mean I don't care about poverty, human rights, etc. It just means I believe there's a better way to achieve it then what the left offers.’

12. ‘Republicans don't vote against abortion necessarily because they want to oppress women. They may just think that if they are going to pay federal tax dollars, they don't want their money going toward something that they fundamentally don't agree with.’

But also....

13. ‘Abortion is murder. I don't know if I'm 100% against it, but it is basically murder…’


14. ‘Wanting to cut funding to something is not the same as wanting it abolished. When you see that a program is using money wastefully, cutting its funding forces is to be more efficient with its spending.’

15. ‘War is peace, guns are fun and money is more important than anything.’