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Artículo 50-year-old cyst with a baby-face bursts in viral video Culture


50-year-old cyst with a baby-face bursts in viral video



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18 Julio 2017 09:53

Not suitable for viewers with sensitive stomachs


Hold back the vomit if you can – or at least, grab the nearest bucket. And don't say we didn't warn you.

Dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee has uploaded a video to her YouTube channel demonstrating the way she opened and popped a 50-year-old cyst that had accumulated a huge quantity of grey-brown pus. Yep, sometimes the human body is just downright disgusting.

Usually these little lumps of fat appear and disappear on their own. This one, however, refused to go away. In the photo taken before the cyst was sliced, it strangely resembled the face of a small child. A 50-year-old cyst with a baby face: serious horror film material.

'Oh, this is a cyst!' exclaims Lee (also known as Dr Pimple Popper) as she cuts into the man's skin.

They'd thought perhaps it was a lipoma – a benign tumour in the fatty tissue – but when they cut into the lump in the operating room, they discovered that it was a cyst. Reality burst out. Quite literally.

The question that lingers is: why did the man leave it there for so long? Had he grown fond of it? Was the thought of losing his lump just too much to bear? Cysts are not usually painful unless they get infected, so maybe he just couldn't be bothered to get it sorted out. Either way, we hope your stomachs were strong enough to handle the video.