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Artículo Emma Watson wants a 'fake tattoo proofreader' after Time's Up Oscars typo Culture


Emma Watson wants a 'fake tattoo proofreader' after Time's Up Oscars typo



A grammatical error witnessed by the world

Anna Freeman

06 Marzo 2018 16:11

Emma Watson has laughed off her temporary tattoo blunder and admitted she needs proofreader after her Oscars inking had a grammatical error.

The Harry Potter star’s right arm featured a tribute to the Time's Up movement, a drive centred on eradicating sexual harassment and the abuse of women in the entertainment industry.

However, Watson should probably have given the tattoo a once-over before stepping onto the red carpet. People online were quick to point out that the tattoo was missing an apostrophe.

Instead of saying ‘Time's Up’ the tattoo says ‘Times Up’. The actress took to Twitter: ‘Fake tattoo proofreading position available. Experience with apostrophes a must.’

Watson showed off her temporary inking on her way to the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Sunday. Although most noticed the mistake, others pointed out the hashtag for #TimesUp doesn't actually have an apostrophe, so maybe we’ll let her off?

She has been one of the leading voices of the Time's Up movement - and recently donated £1m to a seperate anti-harassment campaign.

In one Instagram post, she said: ‘United across industries and communities, we believe all women and people deserve to live with safety and dignity. #TIMESUP on imbalance of power.’