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Artículo Kim Kardashian is taking on the haters who say she had a 'photoshop fail' Culture


Kim Kardashian is taking on the haters who say she had a 'photoshop fail'



According to the reality star, the photograph is a mirror image created by a fan

Anna Freeman

27 Marzo 2018 16:28

Kim Kardashian has hit back at online commentators who accused her of sharing a ‘photoshop fail’ on Instagram.

Earlier this week the makeup powerhouse found herself in the centre of a photoshop storm after she posted a suspicious-looking picture, featuring a squashed car in the background and a bent curb.

Kim captioned the image with: ‘So ready to March today! ‪@AMarch4OurLives @EveryTown.’ However, fans were quick to point out that there was something not quite right with the picture and mocked the reality star mercilessly.

But it appears the joke is on them and it was all just one big misunderstanding (or so Kim says) as she revealed the original image hoping to put rumours to bed.

Kim shared the picture on her website and said it was actually taken from a fan page – and it was a mirrored image. She said in a blog post, which was titled What photoshop fail?: ‘I’m seeing online and on news media outlets that I suffered a “Photoshop fail.”

‘I reposted a picture on Instagram that a fan had already posted—I only added a filter to it It looks like the fan mirrored the photo, which is the reason the car looks like that.’

Revealing that she thought it was actually ‘really funny’, Kim added: ‘Who would even Photoshop a car to look like that?! LOL’

The image was posted on Sunday before Kim attended March For Our Lives, a worldwide demonstration demanding gun control in the wake of the Parkland school shooting.

The superstar has been very vocal about her criticism of loose gun laws in the US, and went to the protest with her husband Kanye and her daughter North.