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Artículo Logan Paul's first vlog since Japanese Suicide Forest blunder is as terrible as you imagined Culture


Logan Paul's first vlog since Japanese Suicide Forest blunder is as terrible as you imagined



The YouTuber clearly learnt nothing from his fall from grace

Anna Freeman

05 Febrero 2018 15:28

If you thought Logan Paul’s return to vlogging would be humble and reflective, you were wrong.

The popular YouTuber fell spectacularly from grace after he posted a tone deaf video on on Dec. 31 from Japan’s Aokigahara, known as the 'suicide forest,' that showed the body of a suicide victim. It prompted a worldwide backlash.

Although the video was removed, YouTube responded by ditching Paul from its preferred programming, after which he apologised for his decision to post the shocking footage and took a month-long break from social media.

But now, he is back. On Sunday he shared a YouTube video appropriately titled ‘LOGAN PAUL IS BACK!’ His 16 million subscribers were ‘treated’ to a new 12-minute clip, which starts with a voice announcing ‘the legend, the myth, the maverick ... Jake Paul,’ before correcting his line to ‘Logan Paul’.

‘Showing his face for the first time after the disgraced YouTuber has been spotted across the country, hiding his face from paparazzi and seen swallowing his tears on social media,’ the voiceover says.

‘It's time for the epic comeback. Today, the era of boring YouTube content is over... YouTube cut my ads in half so I need you to buy my merch.’

The following video is a poorly thought-out sales pitch that shows he hasn’t learnt anything from his recent downfall. Paul promotes his merchandise, mentions that he's being sued for $4 million, talks about almost dying while skydiving when his parachute didn't open ,and boasts about being able to call Dr Phil a fan following the controversy of his ‘suicide video’ post.

The only part of the vlog that makes a vague effort to address the recent controversy is when Paul rebukes ‘the haters’. ‘I will never, ever, ever forget who I am at my core, and no one can make me think I'm something otherwise. As long as I'm learning and improving and getting better as a person, then we're good,’ he says.