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Watch the most awkward Melania and Trump exchange to date - but can you blame her?



Level five awkwardness

Anna Freeman

07 Febrero 2018 16:40

Melania Trump and her president-type husband Donald were filmed leaving the White House on Monday and it was another serving up of a super awkward moment between the pair.

President Trump and Melania were about to board Air Force One and head to Ohio when Donald tried to grab Melania’s hand as they stopped to smile and wave at reporters.

But his attempts proved unsuccessful and social media users are certain Melania again swatted away her husband’s hand in public. I mean, who can blame her?

Many pointed out that Melania employs a nifty trick to avoid making contact with Trump. She doesn’t put her arms in her sleeves, leaving Trump grabbing nothing but air when he reaches back.

Body language expert Susan Constantine said she was not making any effort to help him ‘make a connection. He's looking for her hand and she's not offering it,’ she told Elite Daily. ‘In essence, there's one of two things happening: Either she's not aware or she's not making the adjustment to hold his hand.’