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Artículo A man got schooled on Twitter after posting about women saying 'no' Culture


A man got schooled on Twitter after posting about women saying 'no'



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01 Agosto 2017 16:12

Don't mess with the women of Twitter

A journalist learnt first-hand to think before you tweet after he shared his parenting advice with the world.

Will Saletan, a national correspondent at Slate Magazine, took to the micro-blogging site on Saturday to offer up some badly-phrased ‘pearls of wisdom’ to other parents out there.

He wrote: ‘Advice to parents: teach your daughter to say ‘No’ firmly and mean it. Men sense women’s willingness to yield. Make clear you mean business.’

Accompanying the post was a link to a tweet from former chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, who had shared a video of US House of Representatives Maxine Waters grilling the US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. Somewhat unsurprisingly, people on Twitter weren’t very impressed by Saletan’s choice of words when describing women, leading to a seemingly endless thread of comeback tweets mocking the journalist.

Some people thought his advice was patronising and diminutive…

Others linked it to conversations about consent and rape culture…

Saletan responded to the backlash, branding it ‘Twitter Outrage’...

Well, that escalated quickly.