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Artículo Bio of this young woman with an amputated arm is the best thing on Tinder Culture


Bio of this young woman with an amputated arm is the best thing on Tinder



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16 Agosto 2017 07:38

Her social media profiles prove that having a disability doesn't make a person any less attractive

You're on Tinder, swiping left again and again, skimming through the same boring old descriptions: Adventurer. Traveller. Live slowly. Passionate about photography. Pizza lover. Looking for something serious. Cat lover. Fond of long walks and good conversation.

Always the same. No imagination at all.

And then, suddenly, you come across Lauren's profile and burst out laughing. Lauren, who is missing her left arm, describes herself as an 'arms dealer' and 'hands down the best catch on tinder'.

Tinder Bio

Face 10/10

Body 9/10

Personality 20/10

Arms 1/2

20-year-old Lauren is from California. Her left arm had to be amputated a year ago. 'I lost it on a moped accident going way too fast,' she told HuffPost. 'I lost control and my wheel swung into the median. I flew off and hit a street sign that sliced my arm clean off.'

The young woman does not consider her disability to be a taboo. In fact, just one look at her social media profiles (not just Instagram) is enough to appreciate how wittily and hilariously Lauren is able to talk about her situation.

Lauren's recently-updated Tinder bio is causing a sensation and she is already getting marriage proposals. 'I’m getting a lot of matches and super likes because of it,' Lauren told HuffPost. 'But I just use it for fun. I don’t have any interest in meeting anyone.'