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Artículo 'Black Mirror' returns with disturbing trailer ahead of its fourth season Culture


'Black Mirror' returns with disturbing trailer ahead of its fourth season



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30 Agosto 2017 07:21

The nightmares are back

By: A.P.G.

A diabolic albino child, journeys through space, robots, superhumans, bizarre surgical procedures and switches that do God knows what. The fourth season of Black Mirror is about to arrive and Netflix has surprised its fans by launching the first trailer. There’s not much to understand from the micro-flashes of action, but we’re given a few hints of what’s in store for us in the forthcoming season. And they’ve been generous enough to tell us the names of each new episode.

In a matter of seconds, the teaser fills you with the same sense of dread we have all become accustomed to, at the mercy of the science fiction series’ director and scriptwriter, Charlie Brooker, who already has three seasons under his belt. This will be the second to have been entirely aired through the video streaming platform, Netflix.

Although the release date has not yet been announced, it would seem that we have little to wait before being dished up the next six dystopian tales of Black Mirror. Again, we humans are given a little insight into the sinister and spine-chilling future that our advanced technologies have the potential to offer.

If there was ever a series capable of making you feel sick to your stomach and compelling you to throw your mobile phone down the toilet, Black Mirror is it.

The teaser has also revealed a few of the well-known faces that make up this season’s cast: Rosemarie Dewitt (Mad Men); Jesse Plemons (Fargo); Georgina Campbell (Broadchurch) and Jimmy Simpson (House of Cards) are just some of the actors and actresses who star in the different episodes.

The fourth season of Black Mirror also features actress Jodie Foster, as director of one of the episodes, and Tim Van Patten, who featured in the credits of Game of Thrones and The Sopranos.