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Artículo Delayed humour that'll turn your worldview on its head Culture


Delayed humour that'll turn your worldview on its head



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16 Junio 2017 14:35

People don’t always get the Russian comic artist Anton Gudim’s gags first time around, and that’s what makes them so funny


Talking about Russian humour might sound as exotic as a deserted Caribbean beach, but Anton Gudim’s comic strips play on the most universal trivialities of today’s society.

With great irony and a touch of the absurd, reminiscent of the Spanish comic artist Joan Cornellà, Gudim’s comic strips need two readings before we can understand them.

Don’t feel stupid. They’re just intelligent and sarcastic, that’s all. They require an observant and informed reader. A reader who understands the idiosyncrasies and latest trends of the digital world, which are so often the butt of his jokes.

And it’s because Gudim’s comic strips work on two levels. They force us to reflect, if only for a few seconds, before bringing the foundations of our worlds crashing down with a cackle.