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Artículo Disney depicts same-sex kissing for the first time ever Culture


Disney depicts same-sex kissing for the first time ever



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02 Marzo 2017 17:55

And the best thing? They show it as something perfectly natural, the way it should be seen in any society.

OK, calm down... No, actually, don't. This is worth getting excited about: pop open the champagne, grab a bag of pretzels, or whatever you like to munch when you're in party mode. It's finally happened: Disney has shown people of the same sex kissing on screen.

And the best thing? The scene isn't shoehorned in, or made a big deal of. It's shown as something perfectly natural, the way it should be seen in any society.

History was made in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, an animated series shown on Disney XD. It's only the second Disney production to be created by a woman, after 1997's Pepper Ann.

The scene takes place in episode 39 of the second season. The main characters are at a cheesy boy band concert. The group plays a song called Just Friends and everyone starts kissing... a real festival of love. And then, if you look closely you'll see, at about minute 1:29, two men at the back making out.

And then, a little later, at the bottom right of the frame, two girls get their smooch on, right next to two more boys doing the same.

In a word: WONDERFUL.

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