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Artículo Facebook page set up to show just how bad Brits behave on holiday Culture


Facebook page set up to show just how bad Brits behave on holiday



Playground Redaccion

27 Julio 2017 16:30

The British don't travel well...

Let’s be honest, the Brits don’t have a great reputation abroad. You can usually spot one from a mile off on holiday.

That’s why someone felt the need to document British tourists misbehaving in a Facebook page dedicated to Magaluf partygoers. ‘Maga Walk of Shame’ has gathered a collection of photographs detailing half-naked Brits doing the ‘walk of shame’ after debaucherous nights out. If you’ve ever been to Magaluf (can’t say I have personally), or watched trashy reality shows like Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, you’ll be familiar with the scenes depicted in the pictures. Scantily-clad girls carrying their stilettos as they stumble down the street; sunburnt ‘lads’ passed out in a cheap hotel; trashed street corners lined with fast food chains.


And while the photos are undoubtedly quite funny, the Facebook page has been criticised for shaming people who are just out trying to have a good time. The images have clearly been taken without the permission of their subjects, particularly as people are often filmed holding their arms up to shield themselves from the camera. In one video clip, which has racked up 39,000 views, an embarrassed woman tries to walk home in peace while the man who runs the page films her and tries to grab her back. Some commenters branded the voyeur an ‘idiot’ and ‘pathetic’.


On closer inspection, the page is quite disgusting. Not just because the booze-induced images are a national embarrassment to many British people (including me), but because following around young tourists with a camera is actually really creepy. Who wants a camera shoved in their face when they’re trying to make a sly dash for home after a big night out? Holiday reps in the Spanish resort, however, say ‘Maga Walk of Shame’ is just a ‘laugh’.