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Artículo Man suffers such extreme cramp that his calf turns into an alien Culture


Man suffers such extreme cramp that his calf turns into an alien



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23 Agosto 2017 08:57

The man's leg comes alive

On his way back from the gym this Californian man suffered the most extreme – and extraterrestrial – cramp you've ever seen.


The man's calf is as swollen as a basketball and pulsates and vibrates as the man looks down in horror. Unable to do anything to stop the violent muscle movement, the man films it and narrates what is going on. The cramp looks weirdly like an alien crawling around underneath his skin.

We all know what cramp feels like: that uncomfortable, painful sensation that paralyses the affected area.

Cramp is the contraction or tightening of a muscle, usually the legs. Generally a cramp only lasts a few seconds, but it can go on much longer.

Muscle cramp can be caused by dehydration, muscle strain or holding the same position for a long time. If you ever suffer from it, you should stretch and massage the muscle, take a warm bath or shower, drink fluid or eat high potassium food such as bananas.