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Artículo Nicki Minaj flew to China for a fake festival and then refused to perform Culture


Nicki Minaj flew to China for a fake festival and then refused to perform



Even Nicki Minaj falls for scams sometimes

Anna Freeman

26 Noviembre 2018 15:44

Even uber celebrities like Nicki Minaj fall for scams every now and then.

The rapper flew all the way to China to perform at what she believed to be a legitimate music festival, only to find out upon arrival that the event was a rip-off of another festival.

Minaj was supposed to play a 90-minute set at Djakarta Warehouse Project China, and flew to Shanghai for the show. The Shanghaiist reports that the festival was billed as a spin-off of a festival with the same name that takes place in Bali.

However, the Bali festival organisers released a statement that said the Shanghai event was “unauthorised”. “The event rumoured to take place in Shanghai on 17 and 18 of November 2018 is an unauthorised use of DWP trademark. DWP as a brand, has no association with the event,” a statement via Buzzfeed read.

Tickets for the event were being sold for up to $400, and a set of 90 minutes from Minaj is estimated to have cost $3 million.

Although the festival denied any wrongdoing and went ahead as planned, Minaj refused to play once she had got wind of the drama.

She promised to return to China with a “better partner” in a fan-recorded video, saying: “I'll be back you guys for my real fans, in Shanghai, in China. I love you so much.”