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Artículo Object hurled at Justin Bieber’s head after his refusal to sing 'Despacito' Culture


Object hurled at Justin Bieber’s head after his refusal to sing 'Despacito'



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15 Junio 2017 14:11

The incident was caught on someone’s mobile


I’m not exactly a fan of Justin Bieber (and if I was I wouldn’t announce it here, my mates might read it) but it has to be said that even when things are going well, the poor kid still comes under attack. A missile attack this time round.


Bieber was performing on 10 June at Stockholm’s Summerburst when the crowd started pressing him to sing 'Despacito'.

The guy humbly explained to the audience that he couldn’t do it: ‘I can't do that specifically, I don't know the words...I can't do it.’ When suddenly, whoosh! A water bottle (or something similar) flies out of the crowd aimed directly at the singer’s nugget.

Bieber ducked out of the way and managed to keep his calm. He didn’t get in a huff or make a drama out of it, which is saying something. The reaction of 90% of people I know would have been much worse.

Recently, Bieber has already been dragged over the coals when, during a live performance, he forgot the lyrics of a song, filling his mental blank with ‘blah blahs’ and completing his lines with words like ‘burrito’ or ‘poquito’. It was a big scandal, people got really offended and Justin Bieber was given a grilling. So, the kid’s learned two lessons.

1) That he’s incapable of learning lyrics in Spanish.

2) Trying to muddle through and play the funny guy isn’t his forte.

I feel I should step in and defend the little guy. Don’t throw things at Justin Bieber... please (I did say please). If we hang him out to dry when he gets things right as well as wrong, we’re just going to confuse the poor kid.