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Artículo One woman's crusade to punish men for sending unsolicited dick pics Culture


One woman's crusade to punish men for sending unsolicited dick pics



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27 Julio 2017 12:30

Play with fire, and you're going to get burned

If you’re a woman on Tinder, it’s safe to assume that you’ve been sent a dick pic at least once. For anyone unaware of what a ‘dick pic’ is, it’s a - often unwanted - photograph of a man’s penis, obviously. After grappling with the perverse universe of app-based dating, Madi Kohn, a 20-year-old Arizona State University student, pledged that she would avenge anyone who continued to send her unsolicited dick pics. Tragically, receiving images of male genitalia is a regular occurrence for her. ‘I’m not the first person to receive things like that and it’s not been the first time,’ Kohn told Buzzfeed News. ‘I’m just tired of people in general thinking they can send things like that without repercussions, and they think it’s OK.’ Not willing to take it lying down, she updated her Tinder bio with a cold warning for any men thinking of getting their dick out for the camera, unprompted (clearly, if she wants a picture, she’ll ask). Kohn wrote a disclaimer, saying: ‘If you send me dick pics I will send them to your mom.’ Surely, just imagining you mother opening a message with a full-frontal photo of your erect penis is enough to make you put the camera down. But, not for one man, who, undeterred, took to Kohn’s Instagram page (because the two hadn’t even matched on Tinder) to send her several sexually-explicit direct messages. Including a dick pic, of course.

[caption id="attachment_5580" align="aligncenter" width="373"]Madi Kohn Instagram Madi Kohn Instagram[/caption]

‘He was sending kind of creepy and kind of gross and annoying things to me,’ she explained to Buzzfeed News. ‘He finally sent me his lovely dick picture — he sent it to me at 6 a.m. in the morning.’ Unfortunately for this guy, he played with fire, and got burned. Kohn kept true to her Tinder bio and and noticed there was a full name on the man’s profile. Using her social media-savvy stalking skills, she searched his name on Facebook one particular search seemed to match up. It wasn’t long until she had found the culprit’s mum in his ‘friends’ list. Kohn private messaged the woman she believed to be the man’s mother. She included a screenshot of the dick pic, along with a message asking her to have a word with her son about his behaviour.

‘Hi, I see that your son is Ryan... I have never talked to him or met him, but he has sent me this picture through Instagram after discovering my profile’, she wrote. Can you please tell him not to send unsolicited pictures to women. I did not ask for it.’

A day later, mortified, the woman apologised both in Spanish and English, claiming that she thought her son is typically a good guy, but that she'll speak with him about this, apologising numerous times. So, to all the unsolicited ‘dick pickers’ out there, you have been warned.