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Artículo People are sharing the worst things they have ever done, and humanity is dead Culture


People are sharing the worst things they have ever done, and humanity is dead



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04 Septiembre 2017 11:48

Someone questioned, and the internet answered

We have all done some things we’re not proud of. There are certain activities we would never want our significant other - or anybody, for that matter - to see us doing, like tweezing ingrown hairs, popping spots or, ermm, masturbating. But then there are those moments where you do something so regrettable to another person, perhaps for revenge, or maybe just for fun, that it makes you wince inside. You can’t tell anybody, so you usually just keep it as your dirty little secret. But now, with the internet, there is no need to keep things bottled up.  Since the inception of online communities, we can share and speak about experiences with a cloak of anonymity. Confessions can be made without ever having disclose our identity. AskReddit, a story-sharing forum on the website Reddit, has co-opted the confessional side of the internet, with one inquisitive user posing the question to others: ‘What was the dirtiest, slimiest, most backstabbing thing you did and regret?’ Here are some of the best admissions from the good people of Reddit: ‘I crushed up a bunch of No-Doz (caffeine pills) and put it in tiny baggies so I could sell it as meth or coke at a rave (I wasn't the best person back then). A friend of mine was looking for uppers that night and I told him "I'll sell you this, but it's not very good. You should see if someone will trade you for something better". I got my money, he got arrested for selling fake drugs to an undercover cop. I feel pretty bad about that one, still. It happened about 13 years ago. ‘Im a moderator on a local second-hand facebook group. An old lady put up a very nice bed for a very low price. I deleted the post, and contacted her. Got the bed before anyone had the chance to bid on it. via GIPHY ‘A girl who sat in front of me in high school was very obese. She turned around and said something nasty to me. So, I put a few pieces of tape on a sheet of paper, did the ol' pat your back with a distracting comment; She walked around the rest of the day with a, 'WIDE LOAD' sign stuck to her back. Regretted it when I realized how many people were laughing at her all day.’ ‘Was young and mad. My dad's email was opened on the computer. I told his boss to go to hel but luckily my dad was let off the hook because i misspelled hell. ‘In college I was on a rowing team. I told my coach that I had a family situation, skipped a regatta to go home and have sex with a girl who I'd been flirting with. The date went poorly, she was distant the whole time (turns out she was sick with mono and didn't know). Ended up that I let my team down for nothing, and got mono from that girl. Didn't even kiss her, let the team down, got mono, sick for months.’ via GIPHY

'I pretended to throw the ball for my dog but I really didn't.'

‘There was a kid in high school in the mid 90s that I really hated and had a couple of altercations with. I made an AOL account with part of his name, made a profile that sounded realistic, and then found some minorities in school to toss a few racial epithets at. Later, I heard that a group of people cornered him in the locker room and were going to beat the shit out of him until he somehow talked himself out of it.’ via GIPHY ‘One time in third grade, I farted. It was one of those nuclear waste level farts, and all the kids at my table started freaking the fuck out. I didn't want to be caught so I started freaking out with them. I then pretended to sniff my best friend Margaret's butt, and scrunched up my nose and yelled out that Margaret was the tooter. I framed my best friend for the toot that I tooted.’ I don't regret it, but I scrubbed my butthole with my roommates toothbrush when I discovered she was cheating me on bills and rent. Not sorry. It was a lovely three months listening to her brush morning and night.’ via GIPHY