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Artículo Please, we beg, do not shave off your eyebrows and pencil them in because Rihanna did Culture


Please, we beg, do not shave off your eyebrows and pencil them in because Rihanna did



People are very worried that one very unfortunate, and very '90s trend, could be making a comeback: very thin pencil eyebrows

Anna Freeman

02 Agosto 2018 15:09

Original article in Spanish written by Elena Rue Morgue. Translation by Anna Freeman.

We are facing a potential fashion catastrophe: pencil-thin eyebrows may be making a come back.

Rihanna, our queen, Bad Gal RiRi, has just appeared on the cover of British Vogue with eyebrows as thin as a strand of hair (well not quite). While crazy styles are usually chosen for an editorial of this type, somehow we have to justify all the reasons not to follow suit and shave off your thick eyebrows.

The fear that the extra-thin eyebrows will return is very real, and it is not unfounded. In recent years, basically everything that was fashionable during the '90s and early '2000s has returned. Almost everything, except for one thing: thin eyebrows.

Fashions are cyclical in nature, and it is normal that a new trend is radically opposed to the previous one. What happened between the ‘80s and the ‘90s in eyebrow fashion?

In the ‘80s, it was all about being natural. Unlike the current look, which is having extremely defined and profiled eyebrows, this era sought an aspect of virginity and wholesomeness.

You can see these before and after photos of celebrities to see how far we’ve come:

In contrast, the '90s saw eyebrows sharpened and defined with pencil. The finer the eyebrow, the better. They were lines drawn onto the face with impunity, giving their recipients a constantly surprised aesthetic. Like a deer caught in headlights.

Fashions gone-by always make us cringe with embarrassment after a few years give us enough perspective to look back with a fresh set of eyes.

I think Rihanna on a cover for Vogue with her eyebrows painted like Betty Boop means that if anyone tries this look again, they will come to regret it. But there are influencers who will inevitably adapt Rihanna’s ode to the past. In the age of the ‘Instagram brows’, it makes sense to want to differentiate yourself.

But do not panic and excessively pluck your eyebrows to be like Rihanna: some looks should die and never return.