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Artículo Pornhub's cheeky birthday gift to Rihanna electrifies the Twitterverse Culture


Pornhub's cheeky birthday gift to Rihanna electrifies the Twitterverse



Playground Traduccion

24 Febrero 2017 17:57

The strange romance between the pop star and the porn site...

Rihanna turned 29 on Monday, and many of her fans congratulated her on social media. But there was one message that stood out from all the others. Pornhub (yes, the porn site –  don't pretend you haven't heard of it) sent RiRi this birthday tweet:

 If your face has suddenly gone a bit 'WTF?', don't worry. You're not alone. The thing is though, Rihanna and Pornhub's mutual admiration society has been going on for some time. 

In 2012, Pornhub posted a tweet expressing their love for the Barbadian artist. And there the story might have ended if Rihanna hadn't taken the surprising step of responding to the tweet, expressing her great affection for the porn site, even using hashtags to specify her favourite categories.

So, Pornhub thought it would be a sweet gesture to let the singer know, while wishing her happy birthday, that they'd updated her beloved Brazilian category. And that's when Twitter lost its mind.

Some people have even started fantasising about a possible collaboration...