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Artículo Selena Gomez's Instagram was hacked with ex-beau Justin Bieber nudes Culture


Selena Gomez's Instagram was hacked with ex-beau Justin Bieber nudes



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29 Agosto 2017 10:44

An awkward social media incident

I’m sure we’ve all been there. You take a nude or explicit picture of yourself, either for sexual purposes or for a laugh, to send to your partner or friends, and you suddenly have that panic about selecting the wrong contact. Your mum perhaps? But, most of the time, it’s just unfounded anxiety and the correct recipient is staring at your breasts while you make an ugly double-chin face, #LOL. Once in a blue moon though, the worst of nightmares can happen to anyone, even A-list celebrities.

Selena Gomez, queen of social media and millennial fandom, had her Instagram account hacked yesterday, and unfortunately for her ex-beau Justin Bieber, full-frontal nudes of the ‘Sorry’ singer were posted online for her 125 million followers to see.

The incident can only be described as a massive embarrassment for both parties, but in all honesty, it’s pretty funny. The pair famously dated from 2009-2011, and then again in 2014, so this awkward Instagram hack is sure to leave the exes red-faced. Gomez’s notorious Instagram page was briefly taken offline, but is now back up and running, sans genitalia. People on Twitter have had mixed reactions to the lewd images:

Some were quick to point out that the hackers could have done it to Donald Trump instead.

Others were critical of hacking someone's account and posting nude pictures, calling it a breach of privacy.

And, obviously, there were those that found it hilarious: