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Artículo Sex robot invented with 'frigid' setting to simulate rape Culture


Sex robot invented with 'frigid' setting to simulate rape



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24 Julio 2017 10:02

New sex robot includes a special option which makes the user feel like he is engaging in rape

As the use of pleasure-bots for sex is becoming every more widespread, so are concerns about the moral ramifications: some experts are warning that the dehumanisation of sex via advanced robotic technology presents far more disadvantages than advantages.

First of all, these cutting-edge, hyper-realistic robots actually perpetuate all the usual old stereotypes: idealised, heteronormative bodies – almost always female – designed and built for man's sexual pleasure.

Furthermore, although the robots are incapable of feeling, the behaviour users learn with them could influence the way these men go on to treat real women. Critics fear that sex robots could aggravate or trigger dangerous repressed fetishes – intensifying sexual attraction towards minors for example. Many of these robots have child-like faces and bodies. One Japanese manufacturer has even started selling schoolgirl dolls.

The latest sign of a darker side to the industry is a new sex robot called Roxxxy Gold who has a 'frigid' setting. 

One of the robot's five personalities is 'Frigid Farrah' who is described as 'reserved and shy' and 'not too appreciative when you touch her in a private area'. She is programmed to resist the user's sexual advances.

In other words, this next generation pleasure-bot, manufactured by the company True Companion, provides the user with the experience of raping or abusing a woman. The company defends itself by saying that its robots 'allow everyone to realise their most private sexual dreams.'


Another of the robot's programmed personalities that has been severely criticised is 'Young Yoko', described as being 'oh so young (barely 18) and waiting for you to teach her.' 

The sale of sex robots has rocketed over the last few years, particularly in Japan and China. They can cost between €5,000 and €18,000. Fortune magazine predicts that in under two years the pleasure-bot industry will be worth more than €100 billion annually.