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Artículo Sex robot 'molested' and broken by men at tech conference Culture


Sex robot 'molested' and broken by men at tech conference



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02 Octubre 2017 11:41

You can't trust tech bros with anything

An unfortunate sex robot had her weekend cut short after a group of horny tech workers had their way with her.

Samantha, who costs £3,375 to buy, was taken by her creators to the Arts Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, last month. And she got herself into a sticky (pun intended) situation. The lifelike sexbot had to be sent back to her manufacturers in Barcelona, Spain, after scores of men lined up to have a poke and prod at her silicone private parts. Sergi Santos, the creator of Samantha, said he was saddened to see such a display of masculine sexual frustration, which is quite strange given that she was made for the gratification of men. ‘The people mounted Samantha’s breasts, her legs, and arms,’ he said, ‘Two fingers were broken. She was heavily soiled. People can be bad. Because they did not understand the technology and did not have to pay for it, they treated the doll like barbarians.

‘Samantha can endure a lot, she will pull through,’ Santos added.