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Artículo Sinead O'Connor reveals her mother abused her in a torture chamber as a child Culture


Sinead O'Connor reveals her mother abused her in a torture chamber as a child



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13 Septiembre 2017 10:25

A tell-all interview reveals the extent of abuse the artist went through

Singer and Grammy winner Sinead O’Connor has described the horrific physical and sexual abuse she was subjected to at the hands of her mother as a child.

O’Connor has documented her struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts online since the inception of social media, and just last month, she posted a video on Facebook that showed her in a deeply depressive episode, struggling to cope.

Now, the Irish artist has appeared in a short clip of a recent appearance on US TV talk show, Dr. Phil, where she opened up about her late mother’s systemic mistreatment of her as a pre-teen. An excerpt of the interview between the 50-year-old and host Dr.Phil - the full episode is due to air next Tuesday - details the ways her mother used a ‘torture chamber’ and how she was a constant victim of physical and sexual abuse. O’Connor ran away from home at the age of 13, and her mother died in a car accident when she was 19. When asked by the TV psychologist, she said she was happy that her mother was dead.

She was a person who enjoyed doing me harm, I became suicidal


The singer-songwriter also told Dr. Phil that she is trying to erase her past by changing her name. She said: ‘I'm tired of being described as a crazy person, survivor of child abuse.

I want to change my name. Sinead O'Connor is gone, that person no longer exists.’