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Artículo Student's tweet about teacher spying on a class cheating in a test has gone viral Culture


Student's tweet about teacher spying on a class cheating in a test has gone viral



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29 Septiembre 2017 09:37

We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control...

Most of us have probably cheated in a test at some point in our lives. That moment, when you’re stumped, and you just can’t think of the answers. The sweaty, clammy hands. A quick glance at the person’s work next to you. No big deal, right? One student in America has had social media in hysterics after sharing a post about how his teacher caught the class cheating during a test. Joseph Morales, from Houston, Texas, tweeted a photograph of his teacher peering down at him from the ceiling.

She had left the room as her class took a test, and in her absence the students - obviously - started sharing answers with each other. But the teacher hadn’t gone far. She had climbed up into the ceiling vents somehow, and watched the misbehaving pupils defy her instructions without their knowledge. It wasn’t until Morales looked up and met the steely gaze of his teacher that he realised they were being watched. He tweeted a picture of the snooping teacher, captioning it: ‘My teacher left the room during a test so we all started sharing answers. Then I look up and she was staring right at me.’ Morales accompanied the post with a series of ‘embarrassed’ emojis. Although the student only has a relatively small following, the tweet has accrued 749,000 likes and 329,000 retweets at time of writing. No doubt this teacher is going to be asked a few questions about her unorthodox approach to school discipline. But, to be honest, it seems the world is behind her. Thousands of people took to Twitter to laugh at the unusual classroom etiquette.