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Artículo Taylor Swift's self-critical music video divides opinion among fans Culture


Taylor Swift's self-critical music video divides opinion among fans



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28 Agosto 2017 10:43

She didn't hold back... 

If you don’t know that Taylor Swift brought out a new track last week, and a new music video at the VMAs last night, you must be living under a rock. The pop princess exploded back into the public sphere with her song ‘Look what you made me do’ after a tumultuous year filled with breakups, bad blood and a tarnished reputation. Taylor took herself away from all social media platforms, prompting ‘Swifties’ to despair about when, and if, their idol would return. Well, in true Taylor style, her comeback was truly a work of publicity art. ‘Look what you made me do’ seems to confront her feud with power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and the names she has been called in the media and by her followers, such as ‘fake’ and a ‘psycho’. She also states that the old Taylor is ‘dead’. While the lyrics to the song are a powerful statement in their own right, the music video goes that extra mile for the ‘OMG’ factor. With a dark, angry aesthetic and feud-fuelled iconography littered in every frame, the video is worlds apart from the Taylor who started singing country music with a guitar and flannel shirt. Taylor’s long awaited return to world dominance has packed a punch, and she’s taking no prisoners. But, her reinvention has nearly been as divisive as Brexit, with some fans celebrating the ‘new Taylor’, and others calling her out for playing the victim - and, of course, there are also those who just think the music is terrible. video taylor swift Her upcoming album is entitled ‘Reputation’, which is a clear indication that she will address her breakup with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, her fights with Katy Perry and Kimye, and the irreparable damage done to her previously squeeky-clean reputation. But as many have pointed out, Taylor needs to address the wrong she has done too, rather than just play the victim. Acknowledging the bad nicknames she has been given, such as ‘snake’, is not the same as putting her hands up and admitting that she behaved badly as well, and apologising for it. Let’s be real for a second: she constructed a narrative surrounding Kanye’s treatment of her that billed her as the victim, before Kim stepped in and set things straight. A controversial lyric in Kanye’s song ‘Famous’, where he called her a ‘bitch’ and claimed that he was the person who made her famous, prompted Taylor to fire back at him and claim that she was under attack unwillingly. However, when Kim shared footage of a phone conversation between Taylor and Kanye, that revealed she gave her permission to use the lyric in question, the world quite rightly saw the singer as a creator of her own ‘victim’ image. So, her highly-anticipated return to the world stage was going to be fraught with controversy. There’s no doubt that her music video for ‘Look what you made me do’ is incredibly powerful, artistic and full of sass, but the angry, vengeful tone omits her from any blame, when in many ways her fall from grace was her own doing.