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Artículo The 30 funniest photographs in the history of the Internet, according to the Internet Culture


The 30 funniest photographs in the history of the Internet, according to the Internet



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22 Junio 2017 09:34

The first person to laugh loses

1) The sausage dog that accidently ate a bee

That moment when the waiter has started clearing the plates from the table and you still have almost all the sauce to mop up, but you don’t want to ask him to leave the plate where it is, because you’ve been on a diet since yesterday and you don’t want this guy you’ve never met to think you’re fat. That’s the moment I’m talking about.

(Oh, and there’s an entire sub-reddit dedicated to photos of dogs that have eaten bees. This is really too much).

2) The angry deer

No one has ever been as angry as this deer.

3) The long-armed footballer

Would it be weird if I asked for a hug?

4) The highly suspicious newscaster

A masterclass in how to get yourself caught.

5) The husky influencer

— So what d’ya thing of my new hair cut?

— ...

6) The flying kick

Party like it’s 2009.

7) The best way to save... ever

Even Terry Crews is afraid of Terry Crews.

8) Curt’s new cap

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to meet someone so much in my life.

9) There’s a clown in our midst...

After staring at this photo for a while, I’ve come to the conclusion that what is most disturbing is not the presence of such a creepy clown, nor that the family is acting like this is perfectly normal. What is most fucked up, is if you look at their faces, the clown and the kid in the middle look like they're both stoned out of their brains.

10) The revealing glance

11) The turning point

12) Overconfidence

When life's on the up and up... and you get too confident.

13) Thumb man

If you don’t remember thumb man then you’re too young to be reading this.

14) Arsehole shoulder man

Butthole shoulder man

Operator, put me through to social services! Oh, wait...

15) Arsehole eye

Is this an advert for tissues or toilet paper? Gawd only knows.

16) The happiest day of his life

Unlike people, dogs do look good in groupie photos. But seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone looking respectable in a photo where they’re posing with a celebrity. That’s karma’s way of punishing us for being a total pain in the hole.

17) The montage of a lifetime

Hang on… isn’t that thumb man? He's got ears!

18) Unstoppable


Life is about attitude.

19) The dog that wasn’t lost

From the creators of the joke, ‘Have you seen my Titswobble? No, but I wouldn’t mind,’ comes ‘Have you seen this dog…’

20) The ‘Barrel O’ Fun’

Surely anyone with a company called ‘Barrel O’ Fun’ has to see the funny side of this situation.

21) Geri’s boyfriend

If you look carefully, the strangest thing about this photo is that one of them has decided to go out for a walk with not one but two bottles of water, one for each hand.

22) The moment Obama saw a kid dressed as the Pope

Ok, I know I always focus on irrelevant details but… is this kid’s dad dressed up as the Men in Black or is it Obama’s bodyguard who’s kidnapped the Pope-child to show his boss? Or is the kid’s dad dressed up as the Pope’s bodyguard? I don’t know... how am I gonna sleep tonight?

23) The face swap gone wrong

This is hilarious

Sometimes things work out better when they go wrong.

24) The photo of Martin and Cracker

Martin and Cracker

Does anyone remember how we enjoyed ourselves before the Internet?

25) The Ecce Homo

Cecilia Giménez… one of Spain’s finest.

26) The inspirational photo that inspired this work of art

I have died everyday, waiting for you

Don’t try to make sense of it, just enjoy.

27) The cat that saw too many war films

28) The man who grabbed the first thing within reach

29) The man who had the big mouth... and knew it

He would have been a popular guy at my school.

30) The subway boy

The digimon of ladies who put bags on their heads to stop their hair getting wet when it rains. I’d bet anything you like that there were weirder looking people at Sonar last week.