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Artículo The first trailer for Silence promises a new masterpiece from Scorsese Culture


The first trailer for Silence promises a new masterpiece from Scorsese



david perez

27 Noviembre 2016 22:53

There’s always a sense of anticipation when a legendary director is about to release a new film. But when that director is Scorsese, and the film is one he’s spent the last 28 years trying to get made, expectations soar.

From the looks of the first trailer, those expectations are going to be met. But it won’t be until late December, when the film will be released, that we’ll be able to find out whether it really is yet another a new masterpiece from the director.

Based on the novel of the same name by Japanese writer Shusaku Endo, this epic tale is set in 17th century Japan. Two Portuguese Jesuit priests must venture into the immensity of the Japanese jungle to search for their mentor, who has apparently lost his faith, and to spread the word of Christ among the inhabitants.

This story of religion and brutality stars Liam Neeson, Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield. Together with Scorsese and a host of Jesuits, the stellar cast will attend the international premiere which takes place at a very unusual location: the Vatican.

We don’t know whether Pope Francis will attend the screening, but we’re sure it won’t be long before we find out what Bergoglio thinks of this tormented tale of Catholic proselytism.