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Artículo The Instagram account that reveals the hidden beauty of The Simpsons Culture


The Instagram account that reveals the hidden beauty of The Simpsons



Antonio J. Rodríguez

31 Enero 2017 11:15

Springfield as you've never seen it before.

We think we've seen it all when it comes to The Simpsons, but one Instagram account is showing us that we're wrong. Between every scene of each episode, absorbed as we are in the twists of its ingenious script, we fail to notice shots and visual details of an undeniable aesthetic quality that give the programme its unique touch. The Scenic Simpson, in its 152 publications, serve precisely to stop us from missing out on the colours and beautiful compositions that make up the Springfield we see on our screens. This carefully selected compilation consists, above all, of landscapes and architectural or decorative details. But there are also snapshots that capture the beauty of a record player, the forgotten rubbish from Krusty Burger on the grass, Mr Burns' chair in the power plant or the unleashed passion of Homer and Marge from behind the curtains. None of these images feature any of the app's filters. Finally, the account allows fans to measure their ability to recognise shots from each episode. Below each image is the season and episode from which they've been taken. We can only finish by saying: enjoy!












'Natural Born Kissers' Season 9, Episode 25 _____ #thesimpsons #simpsonsart #simpsonsclips #scenicsimpsons

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