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Artículo These comics sum up perfectly what it's like to be in a long-term relationship Culture


These comics sum up perfectly what it's like to be in a long-term relationship



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20 Febrero 2017 15:10

'My hands are freezing. Do you wanna feel them?'

You meet someone, fall into conversation, go to a movie, go for a drink... and, before you know it, you've been together five years and can barely remember what life was like before you met.

You don't know how it happened but you're up to your neck in a 'long-term relationship'. You, who used to spend every weekend partying until dawn. You, whose list of ex's is longer than the Holy Bible. You, who promised you'd never settle down.

And yet here you are, cuddled up together on the sofa on a chilly Sunday afternoon. And you haven't left home all weekend.


It's these little moments of intimacy between couples that inspire Catana Chetwynd. Each day she uploads a new comic strip inspired by her relationship with John, her boyfriend. 'I'm hoping to just show a cute and lighthearted side of relationships that everyone can relate to. The moments I make comics out of are the silly moments I enjoy most with John, and know that others will appreciate too,' Chetwynd told Revelist.

i love you

Using simple illustrations and a few choice words, Chetwynd shows how relationships evolve over time. We see the fun and funny situations that arise as trust grows between the couple. We laugh as the awkward first steps in the relationship gradually develop into something tender and intimate.

Chetwynd knows that cold hands around the neck can be the worst (or best) form of torture.

cold hands

And the perfect way to fix a crappy day.

bad day

One advantage to getting drunk in your pyjamas is that you don't have to worry about getting home afterwards.

fri night

Love blinds us to every defect, so that we see only beauty in the bleary-eyed bedhead beside us. It's a type of blindness that not even the most powerful glasses in the world can correct...


Because long-term relationships also make us realise how different our lives have turned out to be from the dreams we had when we were young. Different, but perhaps even better. Because, thanks to these relationships, we discover joys we never knew existed. Like putting on a dozen layers of clothing... none of them yours.


And above all, the joy of being outrageous together.