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Artículo This dad's Instagram post about men's bathrooms not having changing tables has gone viral Culture


This dad's Instagram post about men's bathrooms not having changing tables has gone viral



Why are fathers often an after-thought when it comes to public planning for parents?

Anna Freeman

03 Octubre 2018 16:01

This is Donte Palmer. He is a 31-year-old teacher and father-of-three based in St. Augustine, Florida.

After posting a photograph of himself changing the nappy of his son in a public bathroom, he started an online conversation about fatherhood and the lack of facilities in public spaces.

Palmer explained to Buzzfeed News that about two weeks ago, he went out for dinner with his wife and children at a local Texas Roadhouse. Obviously, being a one-year-old, his son Liam became fussy when he needed his nappy changed.

‘That’s when I realized he was either hungry or needed a Pamper change,’ Palmer told BuzzFeed News. ‘So I did what any parent does and took him to the bathroom.’

Palmer said that he often needs the help of his seven-year-old son, Isaiah, to change Liam’s nappies because there usually aren’t changing tables in the men’s room.

While Palmer was squatting down and balancing Liam on his legs to change him, Isaiah began taking photographs.

‘We got back to the table and that’s when [Isaiah] showed me the pictures,’ Palmer told Buzzfeed News. His wife then raised a serious point about the pictures: ‘We as women, we don’t have to come up with creative ways to change a diaper, and you have to get a ninja squad to change Liam,” she said to Palmer.

After the exchange, he was inspired to share the photographs on Instagram. ‘What’s the deal with not having changing tables in men’s bathroom as if we don’t exist!!’ Palmer captioned the photos. ‘Clearly we do this often because look how comfortable my son is.’

The Shade Room shared the images and they soon went viral. The response shows just how little fathers are considered in the important functions of parenthood.