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Artículo This dog accidentally ate marijuana and got really f**king stoned Culture


This dog accidentally ate marijuana and got really f**king stoned



A video of Rita the chihuahua extremely high has gone viral on Twitter

Anna Freeman

02 Agosto 2018 11:56

Have you ever been so stoned that you lose your shit and have no idea where you are, who you are, and how you got there? This dog can relate.

An 18-year-old named Seth Mersing, from Texas, went through a hell of an ordeal with his prized pooch, Rita Mersing. After a viral video of Rita high went viral on Twitter, Seth told BuzzFeed News what went down. You can follow the link to the tweet here:

Seth was walking Rita in the park on Sunday afternoon when she began eating some unidentified snack on the ground. Roughly 30 minutes later, Rita started to act very strangely and he didn't know what was wrong with her.

According to Buzzfeed News, Rita started to lose consciousness later in the night, prompting Seth and his parents to take her to the vet. Rita took a drug and urine test, after which she tested positive for THC, also known as marijuana.

‘Since how tiny she was, she found I’m guessing a wrapper with the THC wax or an actual edible,’ Seth told the publication. ‘Dogs don’t know what they find!’

After the vet told Seth that Rita would make a full recovery and they were out of troubled waters, like any good teen would, he started taking videos of her in the hospital. He tweeted this clip of a ridiculously stoned Rita, which has since captured the affections of many.

Rita is doing well now, but the vet who treated her wanted to make it clear that ingestion of marijuana can be very dangerous for dogs. And, as the internet can be a cruel place, Seth told BuzzFeed News that it was sad that some people were accusing him of purposefully getting Rita high.

‘In reality, a dog is a child to me and I will spend however much money to get her the help I would an actual baby,’ he said.