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Artículo This image has the Internet laughing about Tom Cruise’s 'false' bum Culture


This image has the Internet laughing about Tom Cruise’s 'false' bum



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28 Agosto 2017 07:02

Nobody knows where Tom Cruise got this arse from

The Internet is a breeding ground for theories. Theories on practically everything. Some are brilliant; others truly absurd; but they’re all beautifully delectable. Theories like the world being flat or all first ladies being transgender; that UFOs were created by the Nazis or that the illuminati still exists today.

There is now a new theory doing the rounds on the Internet, started by a Twitter user. And it’s about Tom Cruise’s bum. The anomalous, oversized, giant arse of Tom Cruise in the film Valkyrie (2008). Specifically at minute 5:12.

Tom Cruise’s rump cannot possibly be real: it’s not normal. That’s what a Tweeter is saying. User Swizz Keats believes that the derrière in the picture is fake and has put the idea out there on the web. His theory has been backed by various users, who have also noticed the unusual dimensions of his backside.

If that arse is real, where’s he been hiding it all this time? How come no one’s pointed it out before? Where is it in all his other films?

A number of hypotheses are being bandied about, like that it’s protective padding for the action scenes. Others think it may be an optical illusion because the shot has been taken from a strange angle.

Tom’s butt has also been compared with those of other actors, like Tobey Maguire in a scene from Spiderman. He also looks like he’s got a superhuman bottom.

Whatever the true version is: there’s nothing wrong with spending a few minutes musing over Tom Cruise’s bum.